• Frequently Asked Questions
What is AppreciateMe?

AppreciateMe is the perfect tool that allows anyone appreciate you or what you do with money or gifts.

What is AppreciateMe used for?

Basically, encouraging and appreciating peoples’ favourites deemed to be deserving of a pat, reward, appreciation, support, celebration, just name it. Distant fans from all over are enabled to gift money that could be tokens to content creators, creatives, social advocates and causes in appreciation or valuation of their works and contribution to the fans delight as well as the society.

Why will or should creatives and the likes use AppreciateMe?

AppreciateMe basically addresses most of the concerns and ills that belabour creative people: acceptance, recognition and payment. The issue of piracy is addressed in a double-sided approach that runs piracy out of town while enriching creators directly. And you know what? Fans don’t need to know the account number of their favourite celebrities. They just have to gift their bit from all over and it consolidates into the pocket of the creative intended.

One of the strongest reasons is that AppreciateMe rewards most online creatives much more than YouTube payments on views or advertisement played on creators content. It gives creatives the entire lion share of earnings that come to them through AppreciateMe.

Who is qualified to have an AppreciateMe payment collection channel?

ANYONE AT ALL! So long as you are a Creative and your work or intended project is to bring hope, encouragement, relaxation, gratification, support and progress to the end users.

How does AppreciateMe work?
  • Create an AppreciateMe channel and verify your email address.
  • Login and Create your first campaign
  • Copy or Share the generated AppreciateMe link on across your various social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Tiktok, YouTube, etc)
  • View payment history of Appreciations from benefactors or supporters
  • Make withdrawal of your Appreciation

The withdrawal button is there for the creative to take the money that has accrued to his/her account at any time.

How can I generate AppreciateMe or Payment collection Links for my social channels & work campaigns?

You can do so by logging unto your dashboard and creating a campaign. Once you create the campaign, the payment link becomes visible.

What security feature does appreciate me have against impersonation to defraud people?

AppreciateMe has an identity verification engine and as such random people cannot use the names or profiles of others to mislead the public into appreciating their works. Rewards gotten through AppreciateMe is meant for and goes directly only to verified campaign owners.

What if I forget my login details?

You simply reset your password here

How do I make withdrawal as a creative or person who created a payment collection channel?

The withdrawal feature is in your dashboard and once you click on withdraw, it guides you on the steps.

Do I get notified if there is an appreciation from a fan?

Yes. You can manage your preferences. Your dashboard shows you a report of money that enters your account. This report shows you who sent you the appreciation as well as the amount; it also displays their notes or words to you if included.

What are the charges for using the AppreciateMe feature as a creative or channel owner?

AppreciateMe is Free to the public and fans who use the tool to reward/appreciate their favourites or chosen celebrities. Fans do not pay a transaction charge. What is given gets deducted without any further charges or hidden charges to the Fan gifting the appreciation

For AppreciateMe channel owners, a transaction charge of 100 Naira accrues when withdrawal is made into your main bank account or bank wallet. Please note that a card processing fee of 3% for local card based transactions capped at 4000 per transaction on Mastercard | VISA | Bank Account | USSD | Bank Transfer | POS | Visa QR or 5% for International transactions is applicable for Appreciations sent in through the following : Mastercard | VISA | AMEX | Discover® Global Network.

What shops can I redeem my gift?

There are a list of shops where you gift voucher can be redeemed and they are; Shoprite, Spar, Makay supermarket, Jumia, Game, iStore, Ebonylife Place, Samsung, Filmhouse Cinemas, Justrite, Grand square, Tots toys, e.t.c.

What is the least amount to appreciate someone with using the gift voucher?

There are a list of shops where you gift voucher can be redeemed and they are; Shoprite, Spar, Makay supermarket, Jumia, Game, iStore, Ebonylife Place, Samsung, Filmhouse Cinemas, Justrite, Grand square, Tots toys, e.t.c.

Can gifts be delivered to a fan's door step

Sure yes! Every gift you want to be delivered to a fan’s door step can be delivered so long as that option is chosen while choosing the type of gift you need to appreciate with