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About AppreciateMe

AppreciateMe is a social appreciation gifting service that allows anyone appreciate you or what you do with money or gifts.

Why AppreciateMe

AppreciateMe is a response to a common life experience that every human has as expectations globally. We cannot separate the need to be appreciated from Human nature and this is why we are specialized to make everyone able to receive appreciations (Words of affirmation, encouragement backed with gifts or money & vouchers) from anybody.

The Background

Often times we see sport games, entertainment shows, inspired by academic and research brilliance or moved by special abilities or the sacrifice put in by people who make life easy or enjoyable by others and we really want to say thank you.

Most times we are distant from the people we want to love on and the only thing we have, to look for them, is their name and possibly the only place we can see them is on social media. AppreciateMe has therefore provided a solution to allow people be able to appreciate their favourites using an appreciation provision that AppreciateMe now equips everyone with, freely.

In simple terms, AppreciateMe makes it possible to reward anyone using a simple link known as an Appreciation link. If you have anyone to appreciate, in mind, all you have to do is get their appreciation links which may be on their Social media pages or in the active campaigns page of AppreciateMe (www.appreciateme.me/active_campaigns).

More About Us

We are an embodiment of an idea that started to bring a spotlight on people who work in the spotlight & behind the scenes, so they can be rewarded and appreciated as the pivot that cause major changes in the society. AppreciateMe is that idea and it has grown to reveal itself as a universal tool that allows everyone to be valued, appreciated and loved upon in a simple and stress free-way that delivers fulfillment to people who have sought to appreciate others while giving gratification to the efforts and essence of those appreciated.

Run by a team of multidisciplinary group of highly spirited people who have vast experience in all fields of financial technology and it’s relationship with all works of life, AppreciateMe has made it easy an possible to connect everyone for the sole purpose of being appreciated with money and gifts.

AppreciateMe leverages its merchant – payment provider agreement with Flutterwave to provide safe and secure appreciation transactions utilizing ISO 27001 & 22301 Certification with PA DSS & PCI DSS compliance standards to deliver money appreciations. This same service is what powers the following and more businesses in Africa’s largest nation and beyond: Flutterwave powered services

AppreciateMe also woks with Surebids to offer flexible gifting appreciations and thereby has functional endpoint gift fulfillment provisions with over one hundred and twenty stores nationwide such as:

AppreciateMe Partners

AppreciateMe is fast transforming into a tool that empowers creatives and provides an avenue for talents and small businesses to have an alternative support source of income. It is interesting and exciting to know that AppreciateMe allows Small businesses and other third-party service provider connect through specialized API’s that allows their services be purchased and used as appreciations regularly.

We have pioneered an initiative for bulk appreciation to many dispersed people so to make rewards available to all and sundry. We have also institutionalized a decentralized approach for corporate organizations to give awards to deserving staff and customers (AppreciateMe has made public awards opensource).

We are rapidly evolving as we discover growing needs for appreciation to be delivered and we are daily creating opportunities for people as we deliver those appreciation solutions.

Our work is ongoing and we are adventurous in making it possible for everyone to be appreciated with things that will keep them motivated and inspired to make the world a continual better place.

Appreciateme…. Is a platform that enables creatives such as musicians, singers, skit makers, content creators, artiste, etc get appreciated with money or gift vouchers without putting their personal details out to the public. It is a platform that allows creatives create several campaigns for different purposes using the same channel (this means that one does not need to have multiple channels for different purposes). We started operations in 2021 with meeting some creative to create channels and campaigns and put on their social media handles to get appreciations from fans and loved ones. This enabled us to work intensely on making the site user-friendly.